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List of Awards - Judged by Sharon Weaver

Juried Art Show 2022 - Rev.jpg
Open Juried Show 2022 Camel_edited.jpg
TO Open Juried Show 2022.jpg
1st Yi-Ching Lee      Felucca Sailor on Nile
2nd Beverly Lazor   How Many Cats?
3rd Thomas Scott Nelson  Kevlar G
HM  Barbara Shannon  Red Bandana
HM  Helle Urban   Forever Friends
HM Samantha Fried   Just Thirsty
1st David Garner  Pride
2nd Phillip Zubiate  Reflections on Harley Davidson Engine
3rd Lynn Simon  Aurora
HM Loraine Veeck  from the Ridge
HM Mardilan Georgio  Watch the Morning to Come
1st Yolande McAlevey  Harvest Morning
2nd Bob Hernandez  Caretaker
3rd Joyce Rumack  Sticking Out My Neck
HM Nancy Whitlock  Undisturbed
HM Linda Shaner  Santa Rita Prickly Pear
Photography/Digital Art
1st Ted Rigoni Converging
2nd Dennis Griffin  Helical Bradbury
3rd Peter Scifres   Waves
HM Tom Gamache  Shadows Descending a Staircase
HM Walter Cochran-Bond  Arthur & Excalibur
Mixed Media
1st  Helane Freeman   The Artists Stage
2nd Cathy Rozzelle    Pastel Pond
3rd  Joan Sharron   Into the Woods
HM John Johnson   Gingko - The Healing Tree
HM  Barbara Tabachnick   Big Bang
3D Sculpture
1st Brandon Gilgen  Eggs of Steel
2nd Sandy Katz  Head Games
3rd  John Parker  A Flight of Birds : Hawk
HM Dorean Callari  Refugees
Chrome CU by Phillip Zubiate III.jpg
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Oil & Acrylics Open Juried 2022 Show.jpg
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